Treatment for Sweaty Hands

Have you ever wondered if there is a treatment for sweaty hands and how it works? There is now what we call Iontophoresis Therapy which aims to treat excessive sweating of the hands, feet and underarms. A recent study shows that out of the world's total population, about three percent suffer to this problem. This problem or excessive sweating is termed as hyperhidrosis. Read more great facts on  hyperhidrosis, click here. 

People who suffer hyperhidrosis may have experienced a couple of embarrassing moments in their lives. Meeting people and greeting them with a sweaty hand shake may be one of those experiences. Some may feel cautious and would constantly dry their hands with handkerchief. For people who suffer sweaty feet, they usually suffer smelly feet as well. The smell transfers to the socks and shoes and it can be very embarrassing especially after a long day of walking and then visiting a friend's home, the smell can spread in the area. Smelly and sweaty underarms is another dilemma sufferers are very cautious of and although deodorants can help control the order, it cannot prevent the underarms from sweating excessively. The problem with hyperhidrosis is it is obviously visible and that those who have this disorder usually gets this at a very young age. This can sometimes develop physical and emotional problems and the sufferer is likely to isolate himself or herself from going out or joining gatherings. For adults, it is a social and physical problem for them as they need to meet people more often and they can get very cautious with their hygiene and try not to embarrass themselves and others in public. These are the common problems that hyperhidrosis sufferers face daily.

Fortunately, people who have hyperhidrosis can get this problem solved, although not permanently, but eventually reduce the amount of sweat coming out. Iontophoresis therapy is not invasive, thus becoming the most effective and commonly used treatment in reducing sweat or moisture in the hands and feet. This therapy revealed to have started in 1952 wherein tap water was used to introduce mild electric current to the skin, and was then documented as an efficient treatment for plantar and palmar hyperhidrosis.

The reason why iontophoresis treatment works is difficult to explain even from a medical professional's point of view. A recent study suggested that it may have to do with the minerals found in tap water which, through mild electric current, forms a block in the skin without doing damage to the sweat gland. The result to this causes lesser sweat getting out of the skin. Iontophoresis treatment requires a doctor's order. You may have to ask how frequent your therapy needs to be. It can start to a few times per week and after that is the maintenance treatment with intervals of 1 to 3 weeks. The time per session usually lasts at an average of 30 minutes with a current of 15-20 mA applied.

Like any other treatment, iontophoresis has some side effects. The most common are dry skin, burning sensation, redness and irritation. These side effects are very tolerable and usually subsides after the treatment. If these discomforts continue, tell your doctor immediately to assess any underlying health issues you are going through to discontinue the treatment. Please view this site for further details.